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Welcome Back!

BSR ends 5 year hiatus!!!

After last night's performance, BSR fans saw this post on the band's Facebook page today...

"... in other news BSR has decided to regroup. More regular performances? Work on new material? Record a fresh EP or an album? We like to keep people guessing :) More to come."

The band, which has been on hiatus since 2010, has only played 9 shows since then, so the fans are clearly hoping for an uptick in live performances, based on early comments on Facebook. 

The band was energized following last night's opening performance at the High Noon Saloon for The Big Wu. Talk about the logistics for recording another album was overheard being discussed by several band members after the show. 

So it's anyone's guess at this point the kind of things BSR will be doing going forward, but they're back, so it's best to just expect the unexpected. 




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BSR ends 5 year hiatus, but plans still unclear.


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